Differential Manual



2016 SHOT Show

This was a great year at the SHOT show. Our 11th year attending as media, but  the first year we were able to bring the dog. The drive up was great and un-eventfull20160117_162243Las Vegas is always a fun place to visit

Good parking this year

The car started to leak some fluid from the rear driver side wheel


So, after the show, I decided to fill the differential at a local shop ($7 cost of fluid is all they charged)
and see how bad the leak did on the way home

The car only got a few hundred miles (to Kingman, AZ)
Used the AAA 200-mile tow to get the car down to Phoenix, to a friends driveway


We stayed in a Walmart parking lot overnight, and started the day at the local auto parts store


Rented the tools to replace the rear axle seal.
And did the repair in a friends driveway in Phoenix, AZ


Turned out to be an in-expensive fix, (under $10 in parts)


Loading the Trunk

Road trips in the Cop Car have plenty of space for gear

From top to bottom / left to right:

  • Paper towels & first aid next to spare tire (Padded Seat on Spare Tire)
  • Smoke Signal, Sleeping Pads, AMP-3 First Aid Kit (Black Roll-Up), Ammo Can Seat / Storage, Box of stuff for trip, Camo Bag of Clothes, Tool-Backpack
  • Camo Backpack, Socket Set, Square bucket of road tools (Jack handle, Fire Ext, etc), Floor Jack & Empty Gas Can


With a slight re-arrangement for some extra bags, Jack Stands & Suitcase