Lunch on the road

Lunch on the road in Phoenix, AZ


Vegan Monte Cristo at the @PomegranateCafePhx in Phoenix, AZ
Wow, this was an amazing sandwich. Their menu was full of interesting options, so I asked what their special was, and this sounded good.. I don’t think I ever ate a “real” Monte cristo, so I have nothing to compare it to. . But this was great!
And the mustard potato salad was worth a trip itself
The restaurant is just a mile or so off I-10 on the south (Tucson) side of Phoenix .. so it will be a regular stop in the future

Phoenix Trip Dec 2016 (SAR Show)

Phoenix Trip Dec 2016 (SAR Show)


Headed up to Phoenix for the SAR show & Gun Show 20161203_073728

Had to fill up with gas, had a little trouble with the hood not opening, but it worked its self out. (Note to self, lube the hood latch)

Then added a few quarts of oil


Found a GREAT parking spot20161203_145245

Stopped for food, and the cop car wouldnt start. A quick look under the hood made it clear it was the battery disconnect had come loose, so an easy fix20161203_160155

Stopped at a Vegan place on the south end of Phoenix, Great Food !!

What do you eat then?


The airplane graveyard in Tucson 20161211_072422

Sunrise in my rear view mirror

I-10 headed north (west) toward phoenix

Driving in the early morning, before the sun comes up

Cop cars are a pleasure to drive, especially on highways.
They are louder than regular cars, but their awesomeness makes up for that

#CopCarLife #ArizonaDriving
#CrownVic #P71