Trip to Phx, AZ to test the repairs

Living the #CopCarLife
In Phoenix, AZ outside the @TreehouseBakery
After all the repairs, this 300+ mile road trip (road test) went well , no issues, no leaks

Brakes & the gas leak are the next project

Rear End Leak

I saw a new leak on the concrete. So I jacked up the rear end to take a look

It was the passenger side wheel bearing again, leaking all over the wheel. (See video)

So I got new (better) bearings & seals and bought / loaned the tools for the job at the auto parts place

Bought new jack stands, and borrowed a good floor jack

So i was able to raise the rear end pretty high, a lot easier to work on here than it as the last time around a year ago when we had to do this job on the way home from Vegas in a friend’s dad’s garage

Had to pick a 94+ degree day to work on it, LOL

One side is in the shade, one side is not..


You can see the channel on the passenger side axle (right) from the bad bearings

Parts list:

  • RTV Blue
  • three quarts of 80W90 gear oil (Valvoline synthetic 75W-140) ?
  • outer bearings &┬áseals


I hope I dont need this video

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