New headlights

New headlights !! Only took 10 minutes start to finish, lights cost less than $50 shipped

Wow, big difference at night

Clean or replace your headlights!! I think these are 2/3 brighter from inside.. wow

Now I need to aim them.. any theroys how to set up #CopCar headlights?

2016 SHOT Show

This was a great year at the SHOT show. Our 11th year attending as media, but  the first year we were able to bring the dog. The drive up was great and un-eventfull20160117_162243Las Vegas is always a fun place to visit

Good parking this year

The car started to leak some fluid from the rear driver side wheel


So, after the show, I decided to fill the differential at a local shop ($7 cost of fluid is all they charged)
and see how bad the leak did on the way home

The car only got a few hundred miles (to Kingman, AZ)
Used the AAA 200-mile tow to get the car down to Phoenix, to a friends driveway


We stayed in a Walmart parking lot overnight, and started the day at the local auto parts store


Rented the tools to replace the rear axle seal.
And did the repair in a friends driveway in Phoenix, AZ


Turned out to be an in-expensive fix, (under $10 in parts)


First Push Bars

Couldnt wait to get the Bumper Guard in place


Needed to take off all the trim, and attach the supports to the frame, then replace the white trim. The push bar attaches to those bases



IMAG1951The first bar I had (from craigs list) was not the correct one, and looked weird on the Crown Vic