Trip to Phx, AZ to test the repairs

Living the #CopCarLife
In Phoenix, AZ outside the @TreehouseBakery
After all the repairs, this 300+ mile road trip (road test) went well , no issues, no leaks

Brakes & the gas leak are the next project

Lunch on the road

Lunch on the road in Phoenix, AZ


Vegan Monte Cristo at the @PomegranateCafePhx in Phoenix, AZ
Wow, this was an amazing sandwich. Their menu was full of interesting options, so I asked what their special was, and this sounded good.. I don’t think I ever ate a “real” Monte cristo, so I have nothing to compare it to. . But this was great!
And the mustard potato salad was worth a trip itself
The restaurant is just a mile or so off I-10 on the south (Tucson) side of Phoenix .. so it will be a regular stop in the future

Phoenix Trip Dec 2016 (SAR Show)

Phoenix Trip Dec 2016 (SAR Show)


Headed up to Phoenix for the SAR show & Gun Show 20161203_073728

Had to fill up with gas, had a little trouble with the hood not opening, but it worked its self out. (Note to self, lube the hood latch)

Then added a few quarts of oil


Found a GREAT parking spot20161203_145245

Stopped for food, and the cop car wouldnt start. A quick look under the hood made it clear it was the battery disconnect had come loose, so an easy fix20161203_160155

Stopped at a Vegan place on the south end of Phoenix, Great Food !!

What do you eat then?


The airplane graveyard in Tucson 20161211_072422

2016 Red Dawn Filming Locations


Headed to Northern New Mexico to see the locations where they filmed Red Dawn

This was an excellent drive and fun to see the rocks from the movie

20160419_131746-1 20160419_134015

20160419_172654Before the trip, an oil change and top off the fluids at the chain-shop, then a full tank of gas and we hit the road to see New Mexico gun shops & the Red Dawn movie filming locations



20160416_151043 (2) 20160417_062113

New Mexico has both interesting and boring sections of highway20160417_182102 20160421_110031

2016 SHOT Show

This was a great year at the SHOT show. Our 11th year attending as media, but  the first year we were able to bring the dog. The drive up was great and un-eventfull20160117_162243Las Vegas is always a fun place to visit

Good parking this year

The car started to leak some fluid from the rear driver side wheel


So, after the show, I decided to fill the differential at a local shop ($7 cost of fluid is all they charged)
and see how bad the leak did on the way home

The car only got a few hundred miles (to Kingman, AZ)
Used the AAA 200-mile tow to get the car down to Phoenix, to a friends driveway


We stayed in a Walmart parking lot overnight, and started the day at the local auto parts store


Rented the tools to replace the rear axle seal.
And did the repair in a friends driveway in Phoenix, AZ


Turned out to be an in-expensive fix, (under $10 in parts)


Loading the Trunk

Road trips in the Cop Car have plenty of space for gear

From top to bottom / left to right:

  • Paper towels & first aid next to spare tire (Padded Seat on Spare Tire)
  • Smoke Signal, Sleeping Pads, AMP-3 First Aid Kit (Black Roll-Up), Ammo Can Seat / Storage, Box of stuff for trip, Camo Bag of Clothes, Tool-Backpack
  • Camo Backpack, Socket Set, Square bucket of road tools (Jack handle, Fire Ext, etc), Floor Jack & Empty Gas Can


With a slight re-arrangement for some extra bags, Jack Stands & Suitcase


2015 SHOT Show


Another trip to Las Vegas for the SHOT show
(our 10th year covering the show for our websites)20150121_09172820150120_151232

Prep for this trip was easy, as the car was running well


Back home and a carwash to get all the road dirt off20150119_125537  20150122_072604

The trunk for this trip, all the basics, and plenty of room for the gear for the show


Oklahoma Tollways

Living in Arizona, I get used to NO toll-ways. So driving them in Oklahoma was annoying and costly when we missed an exit and added 36 miles to our trip before hitting the hotel outside Tulsa, OK


Missed an exit, needed to drive 16 miles to turn around, then pay to get back on and again to exit at our original exit20121014_211645